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January 7, 2023

Tarot ILUMA Physical Deck


Cards are now IN STOCK!
Only 300 total decks to be printed!

88 in stock


78 Exquisitely Crafted Cards with an Elegant Card Box and Comprehensive Querent’s Companion Book.

Key Features:

  • Brilliant Holographic Gilding
  • Luxurious Holographic Embossed Magnetic Closure Box
  • Detailed 80-page Querent’s Companion Book detailing each card.

Super Silky Smooth Cards!!! Experience the tactile pleasure of these unique cards as you integrate them into your daily rituals.

Limited Edition: Only 300 decks available! Don’t miss out on this exclusive collection.


Hello there,

I’m Kalina. The Tarot ILUMA deck you see before you is a tapestry of my life’s journey, a blend of personal transformation and a profound respect for the tarot’s age-old wisdom. Each card is a window into an emotion, a moment of intuitive clarity. They encapsulate stages of modern-day awakening, inspired by my very own journey and transformation.

Every facet of this deck, from the evocative imagery to the resonant write-ups, has been lovingly curated by me. It’s more than just a deck; it’s a labor of love, birthed from nights spent in reflection and profound connection with these ageless symbols. Given its handcrafted nature and the heart I poured into it, it holds a premium value. Only 300 of these exist, making each deck a collector’s gem. Beyond that, these cards pioneer the realm of NFTs on the DERO blockchain, safeguarding privacy in an increasingly digital age.

Thank you for embracing this journey with me.

All my Love,

Kalina Lux

ILUMA Tarot Deck: A Glimpse of Mystical Elevation. Dive into a limited edition realm with only 300 ILUMA Tarot Decks ever crafted. Conceived by Kalina Lux, this holographic gilded masterpiece is both an ode to the tarot’s timeless allure and a beacon for modern spiritual seekers. With its magnetic box, comprehensive 80-page guidebook, and 78 intricately designed cards, the ILUMA Tarot Deck is not just a tool but an experience. Discover its depth, cherish its rarity, and let it light your path. 🌌🔮

Additional information

Weight 14.33 oz
Dimensions 4.85 × 2.85 × 1.45 cm

Kalina Lux

Kalina Lux is the TempleKeeper of Templīs Aquária Eco Sanctuary and passionate about self-governance, living close to nature, radical self-healing, and the pursuit of truth. She is also an alchemista, healer, and student of esoterica, and has created a Tarot deck, podcasts, and NFT art. Kalina is dedicated to protecting human dignity through privacy and spiritual rights and has developed open-source tools to help people.

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